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The reusable cup is aligned with our ideas of reusing as much as possible and also minimizing the generation of waste in our daily activities.

It is a way of combating 'single use plastic', avoiding the use of packaging with a short life span and long decomposition time.

It can be used in many situations, avoiding the use of disposables: at the office, on the plane, on take-away orders.
It is also a personalized object for you (or to offer as an original gift) to use at work, picnics, festivals, travels and so on.

Water Green REUSABLE Cup

SKU: greencup
    • Reusable
    • Retractable and compact
    • Used for hot and cold
    • Compatible with dishwasher, microwave and freezer
    • Handle on the lid that can be hung on the backpack, pouch, key chain
    • Easy cleaning
    • Food Grade Silicone
    • No use of BPA