We give LONG LIFE to textile waste


We started our cycle by a different step from the traditional fashion industry, instead of choosing ready-made fabrics, WE SEARCH FOR WASTE IN OTHER INDUSTRIES.
We have partnerships with companies that produce PVC for upholstery, buses and decoration. What would be described by them as minor defects, for us is a brand new and good quality material, perfect for creating our accessories.

Besides PVC, we use recycled cotton. Whats is this? It's cotton waste that instead of being discarded, is shredded and remade as a new thread, resulting in a new fabric. This is why recycled cotton is textured, it comes from the joining of several different fibers.

We produce LOCALLY with manpower we know.

logo mangue simple noir.png

We develop our products from the materials and colors we find with the textile residue. Like this our pieces are UNIQUE. We never reproduce something exactly the same.

Our production follows an ARTESANAL PROCESS, in which we know the hands of those who make it happen. We value good working conditions throughout all our chain, from suppliers to seamstress.

When you produce something you need materials

You can use new materials (PVC, hersey, leather...) that increase the use of resources (petrol, coton, animal...)

This is the conventional method


You can use materials that already exist but nobody wants (indutrial waste for example)

For our bags, we use brand new (but slightly defected) textile and offcuts from auto industry.

Our job is to find and design waste that already exist but which has never been used.

This is upcyling

What is the difference with recycling ?

When you recycle, you break down a product (a soda can) into material (aluminium).

Then you can use this recycled material (recycled aluminium) to create a new product (recycled can). This method avoid the use of resources but need energy to breakdown the product.

In addition to our materials, our techniques are also thought to be more sustainable. We use LESS WASTE technique, which is to develop a shape that generates less waste in its production process. Our minimalist style is designed to generate less waste and we reuse small flaps in labels and packaging.

We think of every DETAIL: our logo is made of recycled plastic and our buttons are made of recycled brass.